Welcome to the Birth Control Survivors Forum! Here you can find information about the serious health problems that are caused by the pill. These problems are numerous and can affect all areas of a woman’s life from her emotional state (depression, anxiety, panic attacks), to her physical state (fatigue, stomach pain, allergies), to her relationships (lowered sex drive, vaginal dryness, anger).

How can such a common pill cause so many problems? The pill is a steroid hormone that contains four times the amount of hormones that a woman would have during the peak of her cycle. It depletes a large amount of nutrients and vitamins while affecting the entire hormonal system.   The result of these steroid hormones are far-reaching, with many of the serious side-effects widely documented through research (cervical and liver cancer, cardiovascular events, deep vein thrombosis, gall-bladder problems, fatigue, and lowered immunity, to name just a few).

This website is a place for women to learn about the health problems that the birth control pill causes and find support while recovering.