Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  If birth control pills were really so unsafe, I would have heard about it.

A.  Who would tell you? Certainly not the pharmaceutical companies who are profiting to the tune of billions a year. Not the news media, which is being funded by the pharmaceutical company, not the FDA which receives 50% of it’s funding from pharmaceutical companies and not your doctor who is also receiving free lunches, free samples, and kickbacks.

Q.  I know many women who have taken the pill and haven’t had any problems!

A.  Look a little closer. If they started taking the pill while in an extremely healthy state, then they may not experience major problems at first. It may just be a few headaches, some depression, a little weight gain, some irritability towards their partners, extra “stress”. However, if they take the pill long enough, it is likely that further problems will arise as the pill begins it’s nutritional depletion on the body, the estrogen dominance from the pill takes it’s toll on the body’s systems, and the liver becomes stressed from processing the pill over time.  Also, many problems that were caused by the pill, might not be directly attributed to it by your physician.

Q.  Women have been taking the pill for 40 years and they are ok.

A.  Are they? We have seen an explosion of obesity, diabetes, and women’s disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and breast cancer, which are all much more common in women and often linked to problems with estrogen. Furthermore, divorce rates exploded in the 1970s after the introduction of the pill.

Q.  If I don’t take the pill, I will get pregnant.

A.  Untrue. If you look at the typical failure rate of the pill, it is 8% over the course of one year.   The fertility awareness method has a perfect use failure rate of 3-5%.   Condoms have a 2% chance of pregnancy and with diaphragms you have a 6% chance. Withdrawl, if used correctly, a 4% chance. If you have a true understanding of the fertility awareness method and are aware of your fertile days, you can be extra careful during that time, using more than one method of protection during that 5 day window.

Q.  I’m having problems on my pill and my doctor says I should try another one.

A.   If a woman is having a problem on one type of combination pill, doctors will typically encourage her to “try” another pill (with a different estrogen level or progestin). However, switching to another pill has NO known benefit; there is no way to determine if it will affect a woman even more than her last pill48. The pill switching method is simply an experimental method, but one that is commonly used. Are you willing to watch that experiment play out in your life?

Q.  There are so many birth control pills. Why?

A.  The sheer amount of pills with completely different combinations can be overwhelming. Every eight years the pill’s patent runs out. So, even if a pharmaceutical company has created a very safe, pill, after eight years, the generic brands can take over the formula. The pharmaceutical company then loses money and “researches” a newer, “improved” pill.

Q.  Why are doctors and physicians not more aware that the pill can be causing these problems in women?

A.  First, physicians are not trained to recognize the side-effects of the pill in medical school.   Secondly, the research on the pill is funded by pharmaceutical companies, who have a stake in promoting their product and minimizing the risks.  Finally, the problems caused by the pill (adverse drug reaction) often does not show up on lab tests.

One thought on “FAQs

  1. Taking any Pharmaceutical, which is a man-made chemical foreign to the body , will create changes, even herbal/ natural can make changes.. Many of these changes do not show up until later in life, even after you stop taking them.
    Research studies have shown significant changes from generation to generation, hormonal, immune-disorders etc.. perhaps some of these are a result of altered cells during the fetus development stage.
    Women need to take back control of our lives and our health…nothing for granted…
    Just my thoughts…love the website…thanks


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